About Us

BHVA group of companies is the leading operator of interests of both private and institutional participants of the crypto-currency economy providing informational, analytical, educational and legal services.
A team of international experts in the field of investment and IT, in cooperation with its foreign partners, has formed the leading position of BHVA both in Ukraine and abroad.
Having time-tested partner network in the US, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Russia, Israel, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, BHVA is not only an intermediary linking the interests of Ukrainian small and medium Business with a foreign, but also an active provider for the integration of Ukraine’s interests in the world crypto-active system and community.
By providing information, analytical and academic support to Ukrainian commercial banks, BHVA not only increases the competitiveness of serviced banks, but also is a bridge between the past and the future of the entire Ukrainian banking system.
BHVA supports private and institutional investors in the digital, crypto-currency assets market, providing them with modern technical, legal, information and analytical databases and other tools. Thus, we perform the function of a reliable partner with rich professional experience and working closely with leading western banks, brokers and information agencies. In addition, expanding the range of knowledge and capabilities of our clients, we are raising the level of investment culture, financial activity, and improving the business climate in the country.
BHVA helps young promising projects to adopt a business form that meets international quality standards in order to become attractive to a global investor. We provide a wide range of services for the development of the project, up to including local and / or foreign funding, the organization of ICO.
BHVA, as a team of enthusiasts, strives to create favorable conditions for the development of small high-tech business, ensuring its growth due to available opportunities and resources. Our initiative is aimed at limiting the outflow of highly skilled labor and innovative technologies, as well as attracting foreign capital to the country to finance attractive investment projects.