Our team

BHVA team – are highly qualified specialists and experts, who have already proved themselves in the international market. Our analysts, consultants, coaches, lawyers have international experience and deep knowledge of the business, thus ensuring the high quality of our services. Large practical experience in investment business makes our service an indispensable for both Ukrainian financial institutions and private investors in Ukraine. Our experts are happy to share their experience and help clients keep the leading position in their niches.

In staff recruitment, we focus on the leading business schools in the US, UK, France, which are the key source of highly qualified personnel, as well as leading financial and economic universities in Russia and CIS countries.

We make high demands on educational level of our specialists and successful experience in international companies (New York, Tokyo, London, Moscow).

Education Center BHV Academy, being an incubator of business education in Ukraine, is always keeps abreast with constantly evolving technologies, tools and products on the global market, absorbing, processing and giving the appropriate knowledge and information to Ukrainian financial institutions.

Analytical Department monitors and analyzes ongoing developments in various markets, both macro and micro scale, and then, in an appropriate form and manner, provide material to its institutional or private customers.