bloomberg-logoBloomberg – one of the leading providers of financial information for professional financial market participants. The agency promptly provide the most relevant and timely information on the stock markets, share prices, analytics and other material about the state of the modern financial market.




Reuters — one of the world’s largest international news and financial information. Through its information terminals, we can access current and historical prices on all the world’s stock exchanges and many OTC markets. In addition, Reuters broadcasts a real-time news (announcement about financial results of companies, economic statistics, etc.), which are used by many financial market participants.



London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) provides quality professional and academic programmes to students across the globe, focusing relentlessly on making an outstanding business education available to all.

Nasdaq-logo-2014NASDAQ. provides the infrastructure, tools and strategic view on possibility of the capital market, and forecasting future.



ViTrade. ViTrade – is professional trading for active investors with individual conditions, rapid, innovative, flexible platforms and tools. The company also offers a first class personal service for successful trading shares, certificates, CFD, futures, mutual funds, SFD, ETF, ETC.