Our experienced business experts can help your business to achieve its goals. BHVA has a long history in developing and supporting business/companies. Often it’s hard to perform reasonable and fair evaluation of the current business standing and plan further actions in highly dynamic market environment. Even successful entrepreneurs sometimes get the feeling that everything is “falling out of hands”. BHVA connects to business from the outside to form a fair picture of business. A consultant or a team of consultants (depending on project scale) will examine your business from the inside, including  business environment. We will form a work plan to achieve the goals that business owners have planned together with us. BHVA will help you implement a program developed using a variety of tools and services.

Supervision of Beehive Analytical is a systematic process, aimed at achieving defined goals and figures.


The process of business mentoring:

  • Preliminary meeting to identify business needs and determine the team of consultants;
  • Collection of information about the business. Preliminary analysis of collected data and determination of opportunities to achieve the goals;
  • Deep analysis of business and working plan development. Working Plan is tactical level document created to bring results in the short term (up to 1 year);
  • Implementation of working plan by BHVA team;
  • Ongoing monitoring and feedback on taken measures. Efficiency evaluation.


To make the process of mentoring more successful, it is important for the client to be opened to changes in his business and take into account as much recommendations from our consultants as possible.