BHVA specializes on consulting, development and management of marketing processes for different industries. In the process of cooperation, we determine the most appropriate solutions for your business: create a marketing plan, marketing strategy and branding, digital marketing, website management, SMM strategy and carry marketing campaign. Effective marketing enables to enhance your market presence, establish a brand and build its image, and, most importantly, increase product sales.





Marketing Strategy

BHVA specializes in developing of marketing strategy, branding, as well as on the implementation of established policies. The process of determining the marketing strategy is based on unique technique developed by our experts. The end-product of our approach is directed at application the most appropriate marketing techniques for your business.




Advertising management

BHVA provides customer with a wide range of advertising services for business, that include development of marketing campaigns in various media resources: newspaper, carriers, and web resources (Google, Facebook, YouTube and many others). We offer effective planning and advertising budget management; create annual plan and measure the evaluate efficiency. We will determine advertising objectives in accordance with analysis of your business needs, develop and implement effective, relevant and cost-efficient advertising plan for your business.




Website Design

We specialize in creating of dynamic HTML5 web-sites: branding sites, sales sites, registration sites. BHVA will construct a website that will be a part of the marketing strategy, developed by our experts. In today’s Google-era is not enough to upload your web-site into network, it should be optimized so that search engines could pave the way to it from the search queries of customers. BHVA will assist you in achieving this goal!





The process of brand creating is an important part of the overall marketing strategy. It defines the message you send out to attract the customer. Over 90% of what we know is obtained through eyesight. Therefore, we work hard to create striking and memorable brand and visualization for our clients.