Information Services

Long-term beneficial cooperation with the world’s leading information agencies such as Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters, allows us to receive the most essential information and react faster than the others.

Through the company’s Information services, we provide our clients with the most efficient way to connect to the global economy, access to which have only the largest U.S. and E.U. corporations

In the era of informational oversupply we follow fundamental principles in providing information and analytical services:

  • Reliability of information. Nowadays information services often collect news from social networks and unchecked sources. We double check news, rumors, figures and facts to avoid repeating one’s mistakes.
  • Information relevance. An average person can acquire only 10% of received information. BHVA experts select only key and essential aspects, denying false or non-relevant information.
  • Objective evaluation of information. We believe the facts should be properly interpreted, otherwise they lose trustworthiness. We know for sure that each fact can be manipulated to create desirable personal or social attitude. Therefore BHVA tries its best to be independent from political and economic interests of information sources and provide weighed and objective information.
  • Historical approach. We know that past events awareness does not guarantee the foresight of future ones. Nevertheless, we deeply value history lessons and believe the history tends to repeat itself. Our information and analytical service relies on historical analysis: we research information from perspective of historic analogies, precedents and cause-effect relations of various events.

Information analysis. We follow the butterfly effect rule in our research: every occasion often has invisible effect that we study using the instruments of fundamental and technical analysis, behavioral economics and political theories.