BHVA team will help you choose the optimal funding option to expand your business or start a new one. BHVA access to a wide range of funding sources will help to find a match between the possible sources of funding and your financial needs. BHVA finds opportunities working with private investors, venture capital funds, tech incubators, credit unions, commercial banks, government development funds, small businesses development funds, and other sources.

Type of financing: Investment

Requires: business plan, presentation and One-Pager

Investors Venture capital funds Technological Incubators
Private investors tend to provide initial funding for start-ups. This primary investment is directed at passing the first technological business phase, which helps the company to appeal to larger capital investment sources. Venture capital funds and investment banks invest in companies at different preliminary defined stages of business development. Some funds invest only in companies that have been able to attract initial funding; others invest exclusively from the start of the development project. BHVA works with many tech incubators in the CIS region. Incubators provide initial funding for start-ups, support and assistance the process of business development. You can seek for incubator at the very beginning of the development process of your project.


Funding Type: Loan

Requires: Loan Application

Banks Philanthropy funds
Bank loans is the most popular and reliable option to raise funds but often leads to additional financial costs. Besides obtaining a loan can become a complicated process as it requires massive paperwork, the approval of various bank departments, pledge and/or collateral. Philanthropy funds can be used to create new or expand existing businesses. The majority of the funds we cooperate with, have low or even zero interest rates, and offer a simplified application forms and longer terms to maturity.


Funding Type: Crowdfunding and grants

Requires: marketing campaign, Loan Application

Crowdfunding Special programs (grants)
Crowdfunding – is contributions from a large number of people in exchange for goods, prizes, or even pure donation. This form of financing has a number of significant advantages. For example, the process of making a decision to invest is quite simple and does not require professional review. There are special programs aimed to finance various socially important projects.