CFA Program sets a global benchmark in the investment industry. As of the beginning of 2017 CFA Institute includes more than 146 000 participants from more than 130 countries.
CFA exam program helps in career growth, showing clients, employees and colleagues that the CFA Charterholder mastered a wide range deep professional knowledge and ethical standards in order to contribute to creating solid and reliable financial environment.

How we manage this?

  • Coaches of the highest level. All specialists have extensive experience in teaching CFA program and applied knowledge in investment banking.
  • Simplified tutorial for preparing for the exam. Our tutorial breaks complex financial concepts into simple and effective complementary training program of CFA.
  • Testing System with examination standards. Tests and exercises designed specifically to trace your progress, and preliminary test at the end of course prepares you for the Examination day.

Free program of career building is a significant bonus for all our students. You can individually meet with senior investment bankers to help build personal strategy for career development. We train well-written CV and arrange special interviews for every member involved.