Business planning

Business plan discloses key business information and business purposes. Business includes products or services definition, analysis of industry and competitive environment, marketing strategy, capital requirements and earnings capacity. Business plan helps our clients to define product, goals, ambitions, and strategies for shareholders, creditors and potential investors. A well-designed business plan will help you to assess market possibilities and capture the potential customers, which will help determine the nature and scope of your business. If the project is beyond the scope of existing financial resources, the business plan can be an essential tool in attraction of investors and can eventually help you start or expand your business.

BHVA outlines the following key aspects of a successful business plan:
Summary. Your vision of the business and its competitive advantages.
Overview of the company and its products.
Market analysis. Evaluation of demand, competitors and legal environment.
Development of strategy and means of its implementation.
Intellectual property assessment.
Financial plan. Assessment of main project expenditures and possible outcome.
Working plan. The main focus is placed on development and implementation of effective working process.
Preparation of necessary documentation for investors.

Additional Products
Investor presentation
The presentation is a short version of company`s business plan, prepared to present the project at the first meeting with the investor.
Investor presentation is essential as there is often a need to present all important details within a limited amount of time. Normally, the presentation is disclosed to investors in addition to business plan and its purpose is to present the essence and basic ideas of project. As life does not give us a second chance to make good first impression, investor presentation should be taken seriously and get support from experienced professionals.

One Pager
Before potential investors would want to study usually complex documentation of the project; investor should gain their interest. For such purposes we use one pager as a single page document, a modern form of a brochure, that provides all essential information related to the project and your product: specifics, end market, business model, competitors, project development stage and other important aspects. For entrepreneurs in search of investors, one pager is one of the most effective forms of business plan disclosure. Its aim is to initiate a dialogue between our client and investor.

Cooperation with BHVA does not end on business plan preparation. We use our knowledge, experience, conduct researches and engage in the process of plan implementation in order to assist in introduction of each and every detail through effective branding, marketing and advertising. Since the start of business plan preparation you will get an experienced team of professionals who will provide assistance throughout the process of project planning, from market assessment to strategy creation and funding.