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BLOCKv will launch a platform for smart digital assets

The BLOCKv Swiss Blockade Startup has announced the launch of a platform for smart, secure and dynamic digital assets. In addition to the fact that assets can be programmed based on predetermined parameters, they will have dynamic properties that ensure the response of the digital goods to external factors. These include weather changes, stock market indices, sports events, or social trends.

The main task of BLOCKv is to expand the capabilities of existing blockhead platforms, giving developers and entrepreneurs simple tools for creating their own digital values ​​based on any existing assets.

It is assumed that the protocol will be compatible with such blocking systems as Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS, although the main VEE token will be launched over Ethereum in accordance with the ERC20 standard.

Unlike related projects that tokenize certain assets, using the capabilities of the block Ethereum, the BLOCKv team decided to diversify the dependency risks from one platform. Such a move, in the opinion of the team, will allow not to link the further fate of the protocol with the possible risks of a separate blockade. In this case, as indicated in the whitepaper of the project, the Omni (formerly Mastercoin) protocol will be used when creating the Bitcoin and Litecoin blocks.

Despite the choice of such a popular direction as tokenization, where there are already quite a few projects that create digital values ​​associated with well-known physical assets, BLOCKv is noticeably distinguished in the aggregate mass due to the abstraction of the task and the universality of the solution being created.

The whole principle of creating value through the platform is built around so-called virtual atoms (vAtoms), template variants (Template Variations), and templates (Templates), using which in constructor mode, you can create your own digital assets. A detailed example of creating your own digital asset on the blockade is given in the official blog of the project. The steps describe the technology used and the mechanics of work with them step by step.

The structure of the platform and the stack of the technologies used can be found on the link.

For the purpose of developing the protocol, the BLOCKv team will hold a Tokensale, which will be held on October 12. In total, $ 40 million tokens will be sold, of which $ 20 million was reserved during pre-sale.

Let’s remind, that earlier in Kiev the real estate transaction took place on me through the platform Propy, the team of which also works in the direction of tokenization, specializing in real estate. In turn, the Brickblock project team set itself the task of tokenizing a wider range of physical assets, about what the CEO of Jakob Jazz described in an exclusive interview.